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About Our Company

Some Common Questions

Is this glycerine soap or "old-fashioned" lye soap?
Our's is "old-fashioned" lye soap. Don't be scared by the word "lye" though. The lye ceases to exist when it mixes with the oils to form soap in a process called "saponification". Glycerine is extraced from lye soap and sold seperately.

Does your soap lather well?
Yes, it does. We use coconut and palm oil in our soaps to ensure that they lather well. The longer you lather, the better the bubbles will be. Remember, to be hygenic, you should wash your hands for twenty seconds, or as long as it takes to say you A-B-C's.

How long does your soap last?
Months, typically. Our soaps age for at least a month before sale because the longer soap "cures" the longer it will last. Actual time will vary depending on use.

I just had to
put this
picture up.
My 16 year old
sister, holding
a baby buck
under each arm,
debates some
fine point with
our mother.
our little friend
Paul, age 4,
tries to walk
Dierdre, who is
trying to hide
from him.